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adjective, adverb on a waterfront or near a port. Nautical. on the port side of a vessel. The port side is the side of the vessel which is to the left of an observer aboard the vessel and facing the bow, that is, facing forward towards the direction the vehicle is heading when underway, and the starboard is to the right of such an observer. Portside meaning On the port side of a ship.

Port side meaning

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If you are standing at the rear of the boat looking forward, or to the bow, the entire right side of the boat is the starboard side and the entire left side is the port side. Port side. The left side of a pleasure craft looking forward (the bow) Starboard side. The right side of a pleasure craft when looking forward. A trick to remember which side port and starboard each refer to: The common abbreviation P.S. (for English postscript, derived from Latin post scriptum) can be viewed as port ("left") and starboard "Port side". 22 March 2021. Web. 22 March 2021.

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STARBOARD AND LARBOARD, nautical terms for the right and left sides either mean "harbour" (Lat. portus), the ship lying with its left side against the port or  Apr 7, 2021 Examples of port side in a sentence, how to use it.

Port side meaning

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Kvalitet: Utmärkt The calculation shall be made for displacement to starboard and to port.

Port side meaning

If the red indicator light is off, press the Joystick on the right side. Buy Startech 4x USB A Port Hub, USB 3.0 - USB Bus Powered HB30A4AIB or is symmetrical in design and reversible meaning you can connect either side up. It is a last name gun stands for ak-47 and in Greek nells means urinal so There is a factory hole on the front port side of the boat that goes through to the very  meaning on the surface, in the waves.
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Port side meaning

handsprit there were rooms apposite to my entrance door..meaning it shoud be facing the beach. The Master was navigating from the port-side bridge conning position. were just a few metres between the stern and the pier, meaning that, a minute later, the  You can leave them to marinate in some port beforehand for even more taste.

0. 0. An area alongside a port. noun.
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You step on a ship and everything suddenly becomes nautical, despite the fact that most on the boat probably have to resort to mnemonics to remember which side of the ship is port and which side is starboard- usually translating port/starboard to left/right and then mentally orienting oneself to which side of the ship that would be if facing the front of the boat. The Port side has Red navigation lights, the Starboard side has Green navigation lights..

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Hitta flyg till Port St. Lucie från 2 496 kr. Flyg från Sverige med bland annat KLM, TAP AIR PORTUGAL, SAS. Flyg från Stockholm from 2 496 kr eller från  PLANET IGS-12040MT is an Industrial 12-port Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet which are usually found on plant floors or in curb side traffic control cabinets.